CRM for Internship Management – Monitoring Progress (5 of 6)

In our series of blog posts about the usage of CRM systems to support internship management processes, today we look at the monitoring of progress of the student during the internship placement.

This, obviously, is a grey area between the domain of Student Information Systems (SIS) and the Constituent Relationship Systems (CRM). We have already seen that we can use a CRM system to not only record which companies have internship places available, but also to capture what competencies (skills, knowledge or experience) can be gathered at that particular internship A next apparently quite logical step would be to also capture the progress of the student in actually acquiring these competencies during his internship. Should you go down that road, however, before you know it you are in fact rebuilding a complete SIS in your CRM system, and that might not be a very good idea. Our advise would be to rather integrate with a LMS or SIS that you have already  in place, rather than to rebuid all this kind of functionality in your CRM system.

What would make sense, however, is to use the CRM system to plan site visits of teachers, etcetera.





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