CRM for Internship Management (4 of 6) – Placement of Students

As we have seen in previous posts on this topic the management of the relationships that the institution has with the internship providing companies as well as the relationships between the students and the companies play a very important role in the overall internship processes. Therefore, it is no surprise that CRM systems are very suitable to support the management of these processes. In this episode of our series of blog posts regarding the usage of CRM for Internship Management we focus on the actual placement of students into qualified internship places.

This placement process in most cases exixts of the following steps:

  • applying for the internship position by the student
  • job interviews with the student
  • formalizing the placement with a contract
  • registering financial internship compensation (if any)

In the CRM system all these steps can be defined as process steps in a workflow. That way it will be easy to always know directly which students are at which stage of the process.

Most institutions find it relevant to know if a student has been turned down for an intership appointment, since this rejection might say something about the company or it might say something about the student. Think about it, do you want to keep on doing business with a company that is rejecting every student without having a clear reason for it? Or could you maybe better assist a student who has been rejected more than once after the interview?

When a company wants to ‘hire’ the student for an intership assignment it is always wise to formalize in a contract what has been agreed on, in terms of payment, working hours, the details of the assignment and especially also the guidance and assistance that the student can expect. In some countries making up these internship agreements are legally mandatory for tax reasons and/or for inclusion in the curriculum of the student. The template of the contract as well as the actual doistribution and the registration of the fact that the contract has been signed can all be stored in the CRM system.

Finally, in case that the student will be paid for his work as an intern, the CRM system can be used to manage this process as well.







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