The State OF CRM use in Higher Education

Already two years old, but still a very relevant and interesting read, this benchmark on the extent of ownership of CRM systems in American Higher Education, conducted by the American … Continue reading

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Using Snapchat for Student Recruitment

A recent study from New York based marketing company Sumpto found that more than three-quarters of college students use Snapchat at least once a day. The study, which polled more … Continue reading

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Using Facebook for Student Recruitment (still…)

The eighteen year old kids looking for the right study might not all use Facebook as their primary social network of choice anymore, they still all have accounts and often … Continue reading

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Using CRM to Follow-Up Truancy and to Lower Drop-Out Rates

Truancy often is an indication of problems on the side the student. Problems that unfortunately more than once lead to serious situations like radicalization or even suicide. Therefore, it is … Continue reading

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CRM for Internship Management (6 of 6): Evaluating and Analytics

In the sixth and final episode of our blogpost series on using CRM for the support of internship management, we would like to cover on evaluating internship places and on … Continue reading

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CRM for Internship Management – Monitoring Progress (5 of 6)

In our series of blog posts about the usage of CRM systems to support internship management processes, today we look at the monitoring of progress of the student during the … Continue reading

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CRM for Internship Management (4 of 6) – Placement of Students

As we have seen in previous posts on this topic the management of the relationships that the institution has with the internship providing companies as well as the relationships between … Continue reading

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