About CRMMarc

CRMMarc (Marc la Chapelle according to his passport) is a long time CRM veteran and enterpreneur, with over 15 years of experience selling and implementing business software in Higher Education. At the late ninetees of the previous century he was part of the small team that brought Oracle Campus Solutions (then called PeopleSoft Student Admin) to Europe and localized the product.

After PeopleSoft CRMMarc worked for Remedy (ITSM, workflow management and CRM solutions) and for CIBER. At the last company he was responsible for setting up a PeopleSoft Higher Ed implementation practice in London, UK.

In 2002 CRMMarc co-founded CRM Resultants, the first Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation partner in Europe. When he left this company in 2015 CRM Resultants was one of the major Dynamics CRM implentation partners in The Netherlands and the marketleader for CRM in Education.

In 2015 CRMMarc started the new company CRMHOW.COM, focusing on guiding and online coaching of CRM experts and practices and assisting them with business development in Higher Education.

CRMMarc lives in the Amsterdam area (The Netherlands).

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