CRM for Internship Management (6 of 6): Evaluating and Analytics

In the sixth and final episode of our blogpost series on using CRM for the support of internship management, we would like to cover on evaluating internship places and on analyzing the internship relationships.

Like it is good practice with all interactions that took place between the institution and external constituents it is wise to also evaluate the relationship with an internship providing company after each internship. What did the student think about the internship company? Could he learn there what he was expecting to learn? How was his guiding? And what did the coaching teacher think about the internship  company and the way they guided and assisted the student? And – last but not least – what did the internship company think? Would they be willing to work with students from your institutions again? How do they feel about the level of the student(s)?  The answers from all these different constituents to all these different questions can obviously easily be stored in a CRM system. It only make sense to do so, however, if the questioning happens as a structured and regular process, so that the collected data over time can be compared and analyzed.

When a CRM system is broadly used by the institution, and more processes than just the management of internships are covered in this system, than CRM can also become a tool to detect and make use of the strategic value of companies. For instance, if a company is a large supplier to the institution, but hardly ever accepts interns from the same institution, you might have found something you want to talk about. Or if a company is a big prospect for commercially sold in house training but is a bit reluctant in providing internship places because they were not all that satisfied with the skills level of previous students, then you better make sure you send them your best students this time…

As you’d probably gather: this is a game to be plaid. A game of negotiating, of giving and taking. A game that can be plaid best when you have a complete overview of all the interaction you as an institution for Higher Education have with the company concerned. An overview that good usage of a CRM system will provide you with.


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