CRM for Internship Management (1 of 6)

Experience based on real-life practice is worth a zillion times more than knowledge acquired from a book. Therefore, internships where students actually go and practice their future profession in real … Continue reading

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An Alumni Engagement Strategy Comes First

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with their alumni is of major importance for institutions of Higher Education. Obviously, alumni can be approached for donations and gifts, but they have much … Continue reading

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Using BIG DATA to Identify Potential Drop-outs

During the FIFA Worldcup Football tournament in 2014 Microsoft has shown the value and accuracy of Big Data Analysis. A team of Microsoft data scientist showed not only proved to … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know Your Donors?

With the constant pressure on governmental funding it is of increasing importance for institutions of Higher Education to tap into other sources of income. Luckily for the sector there have … Continue reading

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Student Engagement

When a student is considered to be engaged in his college? When he frequently attends classes? When he is timely submitting required work? Or maybe when he is always following … Continue reading

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Using Instragram for Student Recruitment

The 18 to 23 year olds have massively left Facebook and are now mostly active on Instagram. And with over 130 million users Instagram has become a social media platform … Continue reading

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Macro Trends in Student Recruitment

Like most areas in marketing also the field of Student Recruitment has been subject to a lot of change in the past few years. Many institutions are still struggling with … Continue reading

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Using a CRM System to Support the Valorization of Knowledge

Research generates knowledge and knowledge powers innovation. And innovation in its turns allows companies to produce better products and to do so more efficiently. Therefore, knowledge is of big value. … Continue reading

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Life Long Learning Drives the Need for CRM in Vocational Education

Some fifty years ago, around the time that I was born, things were pretty easy. If you wanted become a carpenter you went to the Carpenter School and then you … Continue reading

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CRM Processes in Higher Education

Higher Education Institutions worldwide realize more and more that a more customer centric attitude is essential for them to survive. Demographic figures show that in most Western countries the automatic … Continue reading

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