Using a CRM System to Support the Valorization of Knowledge

Research generates knowledge and knowledge powers innovation. And innovation in its turns allows companies to produce better products and to do so more efficiently. Therefore, knowledge is of big value. And in times of decreasing funding and decreasing student populations the valorization of this knowledge is of major importance for all research universities. Knowledge valorization refers to all activities aiming at the utilization of knowledge gathered by research in practice. To be able to get the best value for their knowledge universities today are actively contacting companies to not only try and sell their research findings commercially, but also to setup collaborative research programs.

To be able to run their valorization activities effectively universities are often using CRM systems. In these systems not only the contacts they have with commercial organizations can be recorded and planned for, but also projects van be registered and managed and a catalogue of the ‘knowledge to be sold’ can be stored. Increasingly such CRM systems are also used by universities to support quotation and grant processes.

I many cases, however, the departments dealing with valorization are quite isolated from the rest of the university and have quite some autonomy as far as implementing supporting IT systems is concerned. And this is really a missed chance for successfully managing university wide corporate relations. Because isn’t it true that all faculties are also seeking close relations with companies to be able to tune their education programs to the needs of the labor market, to be able to offer internship positions to their students and to recruit students for continuing education? By being aware of the fact that valorization offices and faculty staff are often doing business with the same companies and even with the same individuals within these companies, a lot can be gained. A CRM system can help!


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